Saving Money on Transport

It’s impossible to ignore that the cost of living is rising. Whether that’s food, fuel or energy, everything seems to be costing more. In the last few years we’ve had some big word events – the pandemic, Brexit, the war in Ukraine, etc. Each of these events has probably played a part in the rising costs. Here at Frugal and Fun we like to make sure our money goes as far as it can. With that in mind we are going to concentrate on transport and look at ways we can save money.

How COVID Changed Our Commute

Who would have thought that the world would come to a literal standstill in 2020. We were all asked to stay at home. Flights were grounded, public transport was empty, the roads were free from traffic. While the world is now largely back to normal, many of us have continued to work remotely and realised our transport needs are different to pre-2020.

By Foot

Walking is hands down the cheapest form of transport. It’s a great way to get some exercise in and it doesn’t just help keep you physically healthy. It also helps with mental health and moods. Walking is proven to help you feel more energized, less stressed, and happier overall.

By Bike

Cycling is another activity that is a great form of exercise, good for the environment and a relatively small outlay compared to other forms of transport. However, buying a bicycle can be a bit costly but there are great cycle schemes that can help with the cost. It’s always worth checking your work benefits as many companies offer cycle schemes.

By Car

For many of us owning a car is a necessity rather than a luxury. It’s well documented that the price of second hand cars have soared largely due to the shortage of new cars. Combine that with high fuel costs, owning a car is an expensive business.

Do you buy or lease? have some really informative articles and calculators to help you decide which option is financially best for you.

Fuel is on the up but some ideas that might help keep costs down are:
1. can you car share and split the costs with a colleague?
2. search for the lowest fuel prices near you.
3. use a cashback card when buying fuel.
4. read up on driving tips to reduce fuel consumption.