Precious Water

We are very lucky that we are able to turn our taps on and we have clean water to drink, bathe in, wash our clothes with etc. But it’s very easy to take it for granted as it’s readily available at the turn of a tap.

Some of us pay a set price for our water so there is no incentive to try and conserve water. For others they are on a water meter so pay for the water they use.

I would imagine for many who pay a set price for their water, changing to a water meter would mean they think more about their usage.

Regardless of how you are billed for your water I think we can all agree that water is a precious commodity and any small steps we can take in conserving it can only be a good thing.

Water Saving Tips

There are lots of devices available to save water and even better news is that they are often available for free. Check with your local water supplier to see if they water saving devices that they provide for free. Alternatively googling water device freebies should provide some additional links.

The devices available include:

Cistern bags that are placed in the cistern to reduce the amount of water needed for each toilet flush.

Shower regulator heads which helps improve the water pressure without using as much water.

Timers to remind us of the time we’re in the shower.

There are lots of things we can do round the house to save water like turning the tap off when we are brushing our teeth and taking a shower instead of a bath.


If you’re a keen gardener a garden hose can use a massive amount of water. A watering can cuts down on water usage. Also investing in a water butt can save a lot of water while also keeping your garden looking lovely.

Some may even want to keep a jug beside the kitchen tap so they can collect the water they run while trying to get the water to the right temperature, this can be used on the indoor or outdoor plants.