Frugality Can Equal Happiness


Frugality and happiness aren’t something society usually puts together. Being frugal often brings up images of great sacrifice. We think of the miser who lived in poverty only for others to find millions saved after the miser passes away. What was the use?

Frugal living isn’t necessarily what you may possibly consider it to be. Frugal people live very happy lives. They find happiness in meeting goals, reducing their financial burdens and living stress free.

How happy can you be when you are drowning in debt and struggling to make your money stretch until the end of the month? You aren’t living frugally, but you aren’t happy either.

Step in the Right Direction

The frugal person often sees each step towards being debt-free or early retirement as a great success. They don’t focus on that outfit they didn’t buy or that new car they aren’t driving. Instead they focus on having spending money left over at the end of the month. They focus on the things that really matter.

Frugality is also a huge challenge. You get to be very creative with your money and the way you live. Many people love moving from one thing to another, looking at the way to cut costs for each category. For example, you’ve cut your utilities, now what about your food shopping bill?

The goal is what keeps the frugal person going. Daily victories and challenges keep them interested. The penny saved keeps them adding it all up. And the debt free life keeps them stress free.

A Stress Free Life

Imagine a life where you have no debts to pay. All you have are your living expenses. Think about having money that’s not already spent before you make it. About retiring early to do something you enjoy instead of something you have to do. Think about following your dreams. Maybe your dream is to travel the world, to see all the sights you’ve ever wanted. Now imagine being able to do all that and still having money left in the bank.

Frugality will get you there. Now wouldn’t that make you happy?