Four Frugal Fun Ideas

You don’t need to cut out entertainment completely in order to live a frugal life.  But having fun doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Below, I have listed five inexpensive ways to save money and still have fun.

1. Explore Your Local Area

How many of us tend to rush from home to work or school and back again? We’re always in a rush. Why not pack a picnic and set off to really explore your local area.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a city or the middle of the countryside, set off and see where the day takes you. You might find a park you’ve never explored or notice a building you’ve walked past a hundred times but never really paid attention to.

You’ll be amazed at how much you notice when you just slow down and look! There are lots of ways to make a family walk fun.

2. Local Library

See what’s happening at your local library. Libraries offer so much more than just lending books (although that is a great frugal resource!)

Take a look to see what your library offers. Some have children’s sessions, toddler time, visiting authors, art shows, etc.

Many libraries have sections where you can learn about local history. History is always more fun when you recognise familiar place names.

3. Public Transport

Jump on a bus or train and see where it takes you. Kids in particular will love this, especially if they’re usually driven everywhere – going on a bus or a train will be a real novelty for them.

4. Food Festivals and Farmer Markets

There are so many farmers markets and food festivals. Often they’re free to access and although some of the offerings might blow the budget, you’ll usually find something that won’t break the bank.

Some even have entertainment and music playing. They always have a great atmosphere and you you can see what local produce is on offer.