Best Places in the US to Land a Government Job

There are many local government jobs available in cities and towns across the country, and there are also state government jobs widely available across states. However, if you are looking specifically for a federal government job, there are a few specific locations with high concentrations of federal employment.

If you are looking for a federal job specifically, which is understandable, given the benefits, it is helpful for you to be willing to move. Federal government jobs are generally centered around federal agencies as well as military bases. Consider the following areas if you are planning to move to obtain a government job:

Washington, DC

This is completely obvious and therefore the first recommendation if you are planning to move. The nation’s capital is home of not only the three branches of the US government but also countless government agencies. If you are looking for a federal job, Washington DC is the obvious hotspot and should be your first choice for a move. Luckily, there are many Washington DC houses for sale for potential federal employees.

Atlanta, Georgia

There are many federal agencies located in Atlanta that would offer potential government jobs. These agencies include, but are not limited to, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Internal Revenue Service, the Food Safety and Inspection Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers. If you aren’t looking to move to DC but are interested in working for any of these agencies, consider Atlanta.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Oklahoma City is home of Tinker Air Force base. The base provides employment for many in the area and is operated by the Federal Aviation Administration. If you have family in the area or are looking for a change of pace, Oklahoma City may be the place you find your government job.

Baltimore, Maryland

Home to Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore has become known for its healthcare careers. Similarly, most government jobs based in Baltimore are in healthcare. Baltimore is home to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as well as the Social Security Administration. If you have any medical expertise or background working in the healthcare field, Baltimore would be a good choice for a government job. 

Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you are hoping to get a government job a little further West, take a look at Colorado. Denver has the Department of the Interior and the Veteran Health Administration. Colorado Springs is home to Peterson Air Force Base and the United States Air Force Academy. If you like the idea of being able to ski or snowboard in the mountains on your off hours, Denver or Colorado Springs may be for you. 

There are many other cities throughout the US that have government agencies or military bases that would seek government employees. These cities are a good start and offer a variety of options for both location and job type within the government. However, if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, there are many more possibilities, so you can always continue your research.